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• If at any time after you accept a role, other opportunities or non-emergency commitments arise that conflict with regular rehearsal or posted performance times, you will fulfill the commitment you have made to this production and decline the other opportunity. It is your job to resolve any conflicts that arise before rehearsal/performance and to arrive on time each and every day that you are called.  The director agrees only to accommodate conflicts that you’ve listed on the audition form.  

• Depending on your role, you may be called for 4-6 rehearsals per week.  Actors will only be called to rehearsals for which they are needed; the final schedule is subject to change based on progress made in rehearsal.  Therefore you must keep your schedule flexible even for days you are not initially called. 

• The full cast will be called for every rehearsal as we head into tech.  All tech and performance dates are mandatory.  

Possible rehearsal times include Monday-Friday 5 - 10 PM  and Saturday 8 AM-5PM.  Occasional Sunday rehearsals will be scheduled as needed. 

Performances run July 17- 19 and July 24 - 25 at the Theatre at Woodbridge High School in Woodbridge, NJ.


May 19  6:00 pm    Woodbridge Middle School Auditorium, Door 4



AGES: We're looking for actors ages 14 and up.

OPEN CASTING CALL: This is an open casting call. ALL roles are open and will be filled based on these auditions and callbacks.

LOCATION: Woodbridge Middle School Auditorium, Woodbridge, NJ.

ARRIVE ON TIME: Auditions begin promptly at the time listed. Late arrivals  may not be allowed to audition.


COMPLETE THE FORMS: Print and complete the Audition Form and the Conflict Calendar prior to arriving at auditions. Both forms can be found in the "AUDITIONS RESOURCES" section below.

VOCALS: Please prepare 16 bars of an uptempo piece of your choice that best showcases the quality of your voice and bring the sheet music with you to the audition. An accompanist will be provided at the auditions. 

DANCE: Bring clothes and shoes you feel comfortable moving in.  Everyone auditioning will be taught a dance combination.

CALLBACKS: If needed, information will be listed on our site and Facebook page following the May 19 auditions.




21 Things to Make Casting Directors Happy in the Audition Room

By Risa Bramon Garcia

"Casting directors are your advocates and your champions. Your work reflects on us. Your wonderful work makes us look good and gets that role cast. Your disconnected, tentative, muddled work does nothing for anyone. We need you to be great. We’re here to host your experience and shepherd you in, not hold you back. We want to share in your excellent work.

Casting directors await you on the other side of that door – the door that you can seen as a gateway or a barricade. While you turn it into a horror movie, it’s your stage, not a torture chamber. Whether it’s a pre-read for an associate or a full-blown director/producer callback session, this is your time, your experience. This is your opportunity to do exceptional work. Enter the space and do the work for yourself, for the gratification of the work itself, and yes, to collaborate with the other creative people waiting to figure it out with you. They can’t do it without you."

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